Monday, July 27, 2015

Home-schooling is better than you think

Christian Online Homeschooling at The Jubilee Academy: Most parents who have thought about home schooling or have confidently become a homeschooler have been anxious about the future. Today we see that homeschool moms are a growing community and hence they can create a supportive network to help each other with their decisions.

Being a mother with two decades of experience in this area, here are my thoughts on this challenging topic.

1. Constructing spaces for a better social life

There are quite a number of parents who are concerned about their child’s social life. However while you think he is missing out on certain core aspects, you will also find out that there are spaces that you can create in which he receives a similar development. When my four children were little, I believed that they had to be out there to receive exposure. Our local YMCA did not offer a program during the school day and so I asked them, if they might be ready to start one if I get a minimum number of children to take part. This program was a three -fold, two-hour experience with art, gym time, and swim. This pattern went on for years and we have established a good relationship with several of those families. Hence, if you don’t find one, take responsibility!

2. Examine and Retrospect your every decision

Most parents are worried about their decision on homeschooling and its future comebacks.

Hence, commit to one day, one week, and one year at a time. Towards the end of every school year, evaluate whether your child is receiving what he ought to receive. One thing I can assure you is that, you will not ruin your child’s schooling by educating him at home for kindergarten. Instead, you may realize that you improve virtues like love and joy for discovering new things and learning new skills.

3. Create a structure based on your comfort

How are you going to plan your day? You decide. There are no set conditions that you ought to prescribe. If your son does better in the morning or if he eats quite frequently, then make your move accordingly. Plan your day based on the pattern that suits him best. Make sure there are fun activities and through it all make memories!

4. Learn together and witness better outcomes

Try this: learn with your child rather than considering yourself to be the source of all information. This sounds quite extreme but if you do this together you will stop worrying. In my case, I used The Morningstar Academy’s solid, award-winning curriculum, on which I could learn. While he’s learning his various subjects, you will be learning a lot more. You will learn about your child. This is very important as neither teacher nor friend, will ever know him the way you do. You will be in control and only you will matter.

After 19 long years of engaging with home-schooling, I can say that I have no regrets. I was not perfect but what I did was love my children and tried my best to give them what they needed.

There you go. You too can do it. For support, there are other homeschool moms to go to when you need help.